Do Wellness and Leadership Mix? Part 4

By Miki Jo Resto, Vice President & Senior Consultant, Bright Talent

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Personal Leadership is a necessity.

Stay with me for just another moment. When you take care of the needs of the organization, clients and employees are you being a Leader? When you work to ensure that they are all growing in the right direction do you call that Leadership, as well? And at times, as a leader, do you draw on outside resources to help your team achieve that next goal, milestone or initiative?

Let me ask, then, does it make sense to remember that you are your own Personal Leader? And as the Leader, you have the authority and where-with-all to seek any assistance needed to prioritize, grow and improve your own health as a personal resource – remembering you are a vital resource for your team, organization, family and community.

A decision to develop more mastery as your own Personal Leader and building the courage to treat yourself as a vital resource can be very motivating towards prioritizing and investing time, attention and energy into becoming even more highly functional, highly creative, and a more effective Leader.

Does wellness and leadership mix? The two are separate and inseparable, different and still be the same. It’s a symbiotic relationship.