Do Wellness and Leadership Mix? Part 3

By Miki Jo Resto, Vice President & Senior Consultant, Bright Talent

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 Understand that Health is a resource.

Health is a concept for the high level functionality of your body, brain, mental and emotional capacities. When someone is functioning highly and astutely on all of these levels, health has a second name. Vitality.  When it all comes together, it’s the experience of feeling truly alive with all of your senses and capacities. All systems are a “Go”.

 Vitality is the highest human state when your whole body, brain, mental and emotional capacities are ready and willing to serve you. It’s the highest human state giving you immediate access to draw on all of your talents, capabilities, knowledge, energy, wisdom, patience, resiliency, hope – all necessary qualities – to navigate, lead and achieve.

 When we’re talking about Talent Management and Personal Health, they intersect at the point where both are growing, together. Science calls that a symbiotic relationship. Organizations receive industry awards for it, called “Great Place to Work”, and employees just call it a “joy to go to work”.

 A healthy business with healthy leaders has deep resources to increase powerful impact in the community, markets and the globe.