RPO Wars: Episode III – Return of the Project Manager

As originally published on www.eremedia.com


A time right about now,
In a galaxy not far, far away …
The line between good and bad RPO implementations has been drawn
Between the reality of well-spoken account managers versus what is actually delivered
Perceptions of customer service and successful project launch does not always align
When the project moves from concept to reality, it is at this juncture the client needs to take control
With their own internal resource to manage expectations or rely solely on the supplier …

The distress call came over the speaker phone as launch approached: “the supplier is a man down and needs to postpone.”

Like the sound of running boots of a legion of X Wing fighters scrambling to prepare for an emergency attack, the project team assembles to respond to the news that the supplier had to move a promised resource to a different project and does not have another resource lined up to replace them.

If a company relies solely on the supplier to project manage the launch of new services, they are at the mercy of the resources supplied which can be disastrous if the supplier is not reliable. It reminds of the quote by Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker: “If you will not fight, you will meet your destiny.” To loosely correlate: “If you do not project manage yourself, you will meet your destiny.”

This is written from a corporate staffing leader’s perspective and as outlined in RPO Wars Episode I – C3RPO & RFP2D2 and Episode II – A New Decision, companies that dedicate a resource to act as project manager to take the project from selection through development to implementation, will be less vulnerable to supplier shortcomings and resource availability.

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