Advice and How-Tos How to Be Agile to Solve the Talent Acquisition Supply-and-Demand Dance

By Brenan German, President, Bright Talent 

Mar 3, 2015, 9:03 am ET

When you think of the word agility, you might conjure images of an elite athlete sprinting to the finish line, or a Cheetah pursuing prey on the African plains, or a lawyer in cross examination in a court room. But have you considered what agility looks like in talent acquisition?

The foundation of talent acquisition is to align resources to business needs to fill positions. Sounds simple enough, right? Most talent acquisition leaders would agree that on paper this statement does appear simple, but many variables come into play that can complicate even the simplest of tasks.

The complication begins with resource allocation and priorities. It is vital to know which positions are critical versus non-critical; how to distribute resources (geographically versus functionally); and which recruiting tools to provide the resources. Not to mention the age old question, “How do we pay for this?”

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