Going Hybrid: The Emergence of Micro Recruiting

As originally published on ERE.net…  Spring has arrived and much like our economic recovery, it is working to get a foot hold on the slippery chill of winter. Like the seasons, business cycles are perpetual and growth and employment will return. Like the affects of a harsh winter, the landscape can forever be changed and it can be argued that the economic downturn has forever changed corporate recruiting. In many corporations, recruiting is seen as a cost center and many functions were downsized in cost cutting measures. As economists analyze signs of economic recovery, hiring activity has picked up in comparison to a year ago. And many of these recruiting functions that were impacted by layoffs are now being challenged to keep up with hiring demand with fewer resources. Read more

RPO Wars: Episode I – C3RPO & RFP2D2

As originally published on ERE.net…

A time right about now,
In a galaxy not far, far away,
A world exists where recruiting labor swirls
Within corporate hiring needs,
Melding with sourcing and branding,
Colliding with hiring process and adoption,
A war has erupted in the expanse of options in how to best recruit to fill corporate talent voids: Outsource vs. In Source; RPO vs. RPWhat; RPWho vs. RPHuh?
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